420 Team Information – Spring

Welcome back to another season of MudRatz sailing!

The 420 team will be limited to the first 12 teams to pay with preference given to past team members…

Registration Link

Spring 2017 Details – Early Registration deadline is April 15th (there is $50 late fee anytime after).

Time: Sundays @ 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Dates: May 7th through June 18th (note: some weekends there may be no practice due to travel regatta’s or clinics).

Cost: $150 per child (plus $25 uniform for new sailors & $15 MudHead membership if not currently a member – see below).

Location: NESS, 70 Water St, Stonington, CT 06378

Boat Charters are available.  Please contact NESS and ask for MudRatz boat charter details (860) 535-9362

Please join the Mystic River MudHeads.

This organization strongly supports the MudRatz and our team would just not be possible without them.  Junior ($15) or family ($35) membership is requested.  Please sign up with this link.

What to expect and prepare your 420 sailors for next…

Please understand that our team is not a learn to sail group… we are a learn to race group.  Most kids start on our team after enjoying a season of racing 420’s to some extent before.  During the first practice your child will be evaluated. If it seems they need more coaching to get up to speed with the group we may refer you to private lessons or suggest waiting a season.

While we can try to pair kids up, it’s much easier to join the team with a partner in mind.  If you child does not have a partner or boat we will invite them to the first practice to see if we can pair them up with someone else.

Boats, Gear, and Volunteers…

We expect each team to bring their own 420’s.  Storage space will be provided at the host club site, and normally you can drop off you boat the week before the first practice.  Charter boats might be available on a limited basis from season to season.

Please make sure kids are dressed for sailing (drysuits, smocks, gloves, boots, hats) as we sail in ALL weather, rain, wind, snow and sun.  Please send each child with a snack and water-bottle as well.  Each season we see kids become limited by the clothes they have… dress your child for success… you would not send them onto the ball field without cleats!

Kids should be rigged and ready to launch BY the start of practice day, we are not paying coaches to help rig, so please get the kids there early enough to be ready to sail on time.  Parents will be asked to help launch the kids and derig at the end while the kids have there post practice chalk talks.

Please ask how you can help... we are a volunteer team and there is always something that needs to be done each week.  Thank you for being part of our team.  We really hope to create a good experience for all the kids!

MudRatz Mission statement: The mission of the MudRatz is to complement local youth sailing programs by enabling sailors to practice as a team and travel around the country.


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