We all have questions from time to time.  Here is a start to the ones we most often get.

What age is right for my child to start with the MudRatz?

The simple answer is about 8-10 for Opti’s and 12-14 for 420’s,  and 14-16 for sportboats to get started.  Common wisdom says Opti sailors should be under 115 lbs, and 420 teams should weigh about 220-290 pounds to be effective.  

Who is a good fit for the Offshore Racing Team?

Offshore sailors should be between ages of 14 and 23, mature,  and independent.

How much experience does my child need to fit in with the group?

Opti sailors should have at least one full season of green fleet racing in and will have more fun if they have reached the top 1/2 of the local green fleet before joining our team.  420 skippers should have one season of ECSA racing at least, or been part of our Opti program for at least one year.  420 crew are always welcome if they can meet the above criteria weight wise with a partner.  Sportboats we are looking just for past sailing experience of any kind!

Where can I get the right clothing and gear for my sailors?

Most of the below partners will offer a team discount of 10% or more if you say you are with the MudRatz.





Is a drysuit required?

While not required the coach may not let a team go out without them if the coach is not comfortable with the team’s experience level and no dry suit.  It’s strongly advised if you want to sail Dinghys in May that you have a drysuit.  Not required for the fall program.

Can my 420 sailor join without a partner?

Sure!  We welcome you to come to practice ready to sail, but without a partner.  We will pair you up as best we can, but understand most (over 1/2) of our teams come with partners in place are ready to race.  We recommend you come early to the first 420 practice and see who else shows up!

Do I need a boat to participate?

For the Opti the answer is yes.  You can buy a race ready Opti on craigslist for $1500 or you can look to charter one at Zim Sailing or a local club might have one to charter.  420’s are available for charter at Zim Sailing or a local club, or sometimes sailors who are looking for a partner might own one already.   We’ve got the sportboats for our teams ready to go.

To submit another question please email us at mudratzracing@gmail.com

Thank you!