Apply now to race to Bermuda aboard the Swan 48 Dreamcatcher!


MudRatz Dreamcatcher Team!

Apply now to race to Bermuda aboard the MudRatz newly acquired Swan 48 Dreamcatcher!  The team will be competing in the Stephens Brothers Youth Division of the Newport-Bermuda Race starting on June 15th.  The crew will primarily consist of youth under age 30, with 50% of the team between the ages of 14 and 23.  You will need to make a commitment to help prepare the boat in late April, practice the weekends of May 12-13 and May 19-20, compete in the Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race May 25-27, and race to Bermuda June 15-20.  A Safety at Sea Course, US Sailing membership, and ISAF certification will also be required.  But, all this will be coordinated with the team!

DSC_0514If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please send a letter of interest indicating why you want to be part of this team and your sailing resume to Anne Wilkinson at by January 31, 2018.  Please include your date of birth.

One lucky Dreamcatcher crew member will earn a spot on a transatlantic team next year!

Please note that there will be at least two veteran adult offshore sailors aboard Dreamcatcher.

If you are interested getting offshore sailing experience, but not necessarily racing, we are also looking for MudRatz to deliver Dreamcatcher back to CT/RI.

Check out the Newport-Bermuda Race website:
Check out the Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race

Special thank you to our sponsors – McMichael Yacht Brokers have signed on as the first donor to cover the full entry fee plus additional cash support.  Veteran Volvo Ocean Race navigator and Whitbread winner Nick White has donated his tactical and navigation software from Expedition Marine, and Prudent Publishing has also volunteered significant cash support to help jumpstart the team’s funds.  We are proud to add that Mystic Shipyard, through a generous donation by Jeff Marshall, will be the home for the offshore team and our new yacht this spring.

If you would like to sponsor or donate to the MudRatz Dreamcatcher Offshore team, please go to or send us an email at

Check out this video from Charlie Enright, Volvo Ocean Race skipper of Vestas 11th Hour Racing, filmed by Mudhead Sam Greenfield:

MudRatz Set Sights on Blue Water Sailing

Youth sailors will experience offshore racing thanks to surprise donation of proven 48-foot sloop.

Life changing moments can happen so fast that we often call them “sparks.” In the span of just four years, the MudRatz have been formed around such moments, but it can be hard to clearly see them as they happen.  At the start, who knew that a few kids meeting on a dock to go sailing would lead to the formation of a full-blown race team?  And we might say our first boat donation was simply a “why not us?” moment but it launched the young team deep into the sportboat world.  When looking back through all the big and little sparks, it’s hard to point to a single moment that we knew was about to change so many lives. That is, until we read a recent email that began… “I contact you with respect to finding a good home for my S&S Swan 48, Dreamcatcher.”

Needless to say, this spark came at us like a full-blown flamethrower as we read on in disbelief… “I have successfully raced and cruised Dreamcatcher for the past 16 seasons and kept her in great shape, never sparing work with keeping safety and competitiveness in mind. I think she is the perfect boat for any group looking to have a great platform for long distance and offshore racing.”   The note went on to share how the boat had won last year’s Block Island Race and finished at the top of her Bermuda Race class in most of the recent editions. After letting the scale of this all sink in a bit, there was only one reply we could make: “We would love to work with you, and a boat like this would be a life changer for a lot of kids now and for years to come!”

DSC_0501And now, staring a beautiful Swan 48 in the bow, the MudRatz have embarked on a new adventure to sail over the horizons. Understanding this is a massive undertaking, we intend to form a team to prepare and compete in the Stephens Brothers Youth Division in the 2018 Bermuda Race. An initial advisory committee has been formed made up of Stephan Kylander, Dreamcatcher‘s previous owner and amazing donor, our newly appointed MudRatz offshore coordinator Anne Wilkinson, and two Bermuda Race Ambassadors who are huge supporters of youth sailing, John Winder and H.L. DeVore.

Donations have already begun to roll in on just the rumors of the MudRatz doing the race.  McMichael Yacht Brokers have signed on as the first donor to cover the full entry fee plus additional cash support.  Veteran Volvo Ocean Race navigator and Whitbread winner Nick White has donated his tactical and navigation software from Expedition Marine, and Prudent Publishing has also volunteered significant cash support to help jumpstart the teams funds.  We are proud to add that Mystic Shipyard , through a generous donation by Jeff Marshall, will be the home for the offshore team and our new yacht this spring.

Word even spread 10,000 miles away and even more impressive the team got this reply!

If you would also like to be part of the campaign please follow this link to our 501c3 donation page.  Our first goal is to race to Bermuda; beyond that, we will have to just see where the next spark takes us.

If you are a Mudhead or Mudrat and want to apply to be part of the team please send your sailing resume to

Travel Regatta Tips & Advice

Sample letter from a veteran Parent Coordinator…

Good morning Opti parents,

Brandon has asked me to be the contact person for the upcoming regatta this weekend in Newport so I just wanted to reach out with some event details and reminders.  Please disregard if you have received this email in error.

My cell phone is 890-XXX-XXXX.

Go Mudratz!!!!

Sail Newport Youth Challenge link:  You can find the NOR (notice of race) and SI (sailing instructions) to download on this page also.

Contact info/Address:

Sail Newport, Rhode Island’s Public Sailing Center

60 Fort Adams Dr., Newport, RI 02840

Tel. (401) 846-1983

Email contact:

Storage inquiries:

At this point this is a byob (bring your own boat) regatta.  Please reach out if this is an issue for you and we will find someone to help.


0800-0900 Late Registration and Check In

0930 Mandatory Skippers’ Meeting

0945 Mandatory Coach/Support Boat Meeting

1000 Harbor Start

1100 First Warning Signal

We plan on arriving by 0700-0730 to ensure enough time to rig, dress, and check in – coach will meet us at 8 to review set ups.  We will plan to meet up on the far corner of the Sail Newport field, closest to the mule barn and beach.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Dress for Newport in Early June:

Newport is historically pretty breezy.  Please have sailors dressed for success.  The days are long and wet.  Kids will be out on water all day without a chance to hit shore until end of day.


Please bring a labeled lunch for your sailor.  The coach boat (to be determined) will bring lunch coolers out and racers will break for lunch on the water.  Please make sure sailors have a good breakfast because the break for lunch is often later in the afternoon.   Also, please pack an extra water bottle/granola or protein bar to be kept in the boat for your sailors during the day. Reusable water bottles are advised and there are refillable stations at Sail Newport.

Spectator boat (with head):

We have a parent that will be bringing a power boat this weekend.  There is a strong chance that we will be able to go out on the water to watch the races. Parents, please bring your own lunch and drink of choice. Also, a pair of binoculars will come in handy.  Details to follow, but offering to pitch in for fuel etc is a nice idea.

Don’t forget:

-drysuit/wetsuit with spray gear

-sailing gloves


-life jacket

– Mudratz pinney

-winter hat

-warm change of clothes

-labeled lunch

-reusable water bottle/snack

-Digital WATCH for starts




Melges 24 – Donated to MudRatz!

MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT (USA) – The MudRatz youth sailing team is excited to announce the donation of a Melges 24® Sportboat!  The reputation of the Melges 24® precedes itself.  Best known for its very competitive disposition and easy-to-sail personality, this modern Sportboat maintains its status as a leader in high-performance, one design yachting.  With hundreds sailing around the world, it continues a tradition as a platform for of America’s Cup, Olympic Medalists, and Volvo Ocean Race sailors.  Simply put the Melges 24 builds better sailors.

Starting this May look for the MudRatz “Sportboat Saturday” practices, followed by the team joining The Donzo Wednesday Night Series Melges 24 fleet with the Mystic River Mudheads. This all leads up to our first year goal of sending a youth team to the 2016 Melges 24 worlds in Miami this November… where we are already registered in the 100+ boat event!

Brandon Flack, President of the MudRatz added.  “Bridging the gap between junior and adult sailing is one of the most challenging aspects of our sport today.   Enthusiastic kids often find themselves as young adults who drop out of sailing due to limited time and large financial constraints.  Having a boat like a Melges 24 will allow our youths to see first-hand what the next level of racing is all about.  This awesome platform will open up some huge doors for them into a world they might not have known even existed!”

If you are interested in sailing with us, contributing to our group of volunteers, or making a tax deductible donation, please go to today!

SECOR Volvo – Results & Photo’s

winnersCongrats to Zach Champney & Peter Cronin as the inaugural Secor Volvo Fishers Island Sound 420 Race Champions!  Just three points separated the top three boats!  Well done to all the teams that completed the almost 10 mile course!  Full results are posted here

Thanks also to Clay at the Dog Watch Café for the photos.  Check them all out here, and download your favorites with code flack123