OBR Reports & Awards

Hi everyone!

I want to thank Brandon Flack and everyone that sailed –and filmed and edited- in the Secor Volvo Fisher’s Island Sound Race for the chance to judge the race’s first OBR award. Your hard work brought me back to the place I wish I could be more than anywhere else in the world (sailing around on the Fisher’s Island of course) and I definitely see the potential for some future VOR OBRs from this crowd.

Sailing onboard Dongfeng Race Team I found the hardest part of being an OBR wasn’t the food or the weather or the smells (and there’s lots of smells), but finding a way to tell a story through videos, photos and written words every single day for up to twenty-something days on end.

Long story short, this was really tough.

Margot & Caelen shared some awesome dance party shots and to the race winners, Zach Champney & Peter Cronin, you guys made excellent use of the selfie-stick and made me feel like I was right there on the boat for the whole race. It was also awesome to see you guys saying thank you to the race committee #classacts. Megan and Lucy, your detail shots were great, especially writing the course on the hull.

To the sailors onboard Polynomials… Guys. Going forward try not to misspell your title sponsors name. Secor(e). That aside, for telling an honest story –usually from the back of the fleet- and most important, making me laugh more than once (and for using titles at the front and end of your video to frame a proper story) I’m awarding you guys the $100 prize.   Nice work – please use some of the money to buy a few new mounting spots for your 420 and keep on having fun.

Congratulations to everyone that competed in this awesome race and keep on making movies! I’m counting on you all to take next year’s submissions to the next level.  All the entrants video’s are below.


Sam Greenfield

2015 Secor Volvo OBR Winners!!!!  Banning & Dan

Megan & Lucy

Margot & Caelen

Peter & Zach