MudRatz – End of Season

And that’s a wrap! Thanks to all the parents, coaches, and of course the kids who worked so hard since last September. What a season… from fall practice in Niantic, Halloween Howling, a CT States blowout, early spring in drysuits, Volvo fleet and team racing, M32 Sailing, Alvimedica Tours, NESS chalk talks, and the Wadawanuck Club docks stuffed full of boats.

Then finally this weekend we polished off the year with a bang up clinic. More than any year so far we can confidently say your sailors are night and day better then when they stepped of the dock at the their last ECSA race the summer before.

As we head into the summer season we have a few events planned… another clinic coming to Niantic around July 24th (details to follow) to prep for our travel trip to Salem MA, for Opti New England’s (Aug 4-6th) and loads of plans for trailering 420’s all over the northeast (details to follow also).

We have one last favor to ask… this summer when registering your kids at regatta’s please list their club as “your club name”/MUDRATZ. It’s a great way to promote our team and gain new friends to join us next fall when we head back to Niantic Bay.

Huge thanks to Jay Spaulding, Tori Gimple, Peb & Meg Bergandahl, Tim Desmond, Harvey DeMovick, Chris Hansen the Niantic Bay Yacht Club, NESS, and the Wadawanuck Club, the MudHeads and the ECSA… the season would just not have happened without all their help.

Can’t wait to see the kids on the course this summer!



PS… if you the grabbed the wrong zim dolly (the opti dolly with the blue and red wheels) you might have Bill Derry’s: theirs is only 2 months old and the one they have now is quite faded. Derry, William derryw