We are getting a lot of questions over the groupings for this weekend. Let’s be clear that these groups are just for part (half or less) of practice. A big part of MudRatz is kids learning from each other and we intend to preserve that.

The coaches will decide who will sail in what group, but I’ll give you some insight as I know it. My daughter Lily will be in the championship group. This group will focus on drills and repetition. These kids know what to do, they just need more intense practice doing it to get better.

My son Dylan will be in the racing group. This group will have the smallest ratio of kids to coaches. The focus will be teaching every area of Opti racing… From boat handling to tactics. These kids have a ton to learn and we have just the right coaches to teach them in a positive and fun way.

The Devo team will be our kids who are still learning some of the basics of sailing optis. The focus is on gaining confidence in the boat so they can enjoy sailing more.

Nothing is set in stone and our kids will have the opportunity to move up or down from week to week.

See you Sunday.