We shut off the auto reminders on the site this week to cut down on the email volume (420 vs Opti etc). However it is still REALLY IMPORTANT that you check in with the site and mark down if your child will be there or not. You can also turn the reminders back on in your preferences if you prefer.

This allows us to set up the right number of coaches and coach boats for Sunday to ensure everyone’s safety. By excusing instructors when not needed is how we keep our costs down each season.

The first two week of the program are always meant to be just fun… anything the coaches can do to build trust and make sure kids want to come back is the plan. The next four weeks your kids will see a lot more “meat” to program as we start to step up their games. That first windy week is coming for sure… and as a parent who has been there, all I can say is let the coaches work their magic and the kids will be fine (my daughters coach actually told me to get lost… and she was right).

Don’t forget Zim Sails will have their gear trailer on site around 2pm this week and Bob will be showing kids how to properly rig Opti’s and 420’s. Come early and tap his wealth of knowledge.

We now have a new MudRatz store with some new hats and shirts! You can place an order online for pick up at practice, or we will have some of these items at practice for you to see and buy. There are some great advance order holiday gifts… and 50% off all sales go right back to the team coaching fund!

Please note NBYC does NOT allow dogs on the property… please leave them home. Also the kitchen will be closed this weekend, but will be back in service for the team next week.