Halloween Howl, Opti ACC, Cold Weather, & Fleet Splits


Coach Boats:
With 38 sailors in regular attendance we are in need of more coach boats. If you have a whaler or inflatable you can loan us for even a week or two it would be a HUGE help. Please email me at bflack@amconet.com if you have something we can use.

Halloween Howl:
Last night’s notification had the wrong year for the Halloween Howl regatta in Newport (sorry still a bit fuzzy from my week in Newport). This is correct on the site now. Please please log in this week (http://www.mudratz.com/) and check off if your child’s status for attending this regatta (you can check yes, no, maybe), but we really need to know ASAP so we can follow up with more details and plan for coaches and costs. This is a two day Opti event in Newport and one day 420 event. A very good regatta with top new England competition.

Opti ACC’s:
Opti ACC’s in NJ. This event has no one signed up right now on our site. We will take it off the schedule this week unless at least 3 Opti kids check off some interest. This will be the biggest Opti regatta in our area this fall. The best of the best will be there, and it’s a great place for your kid to get more 100+ boat big fleet experience.

Cold Weather:
Last night saw a few kids coming in cold and hungry. Please pack your kids with snacks and full water bottles ALWAYS. Winter hats, dry gloves, dinghy smocks and boots will be needed to keep you child safe through the end of this season and next spring. http://www.zimsailing.com/ offers gear you can order for the kids, when you call them up tell them you are with the MudRatz for a discount! Another good source is http://www.apsltd.com/c-3376-sailing-clothing-apparel.aspx

Fleet Splits:
With 30 Opti’s last night at practice we are experiencing some minor growing pains that we need to learn from. In order to offer your kids the best experience on the water we are going to split out the team next week into three groups. Championship, Racing, and the Developmental team. We completely understand that less experienced kids learn TONS from sailing with the more experienced kids, so half the practice will be spent together scrimmaging and doing starts. However, the group is just too big now with too many different levels to run the complete practice as one team. PLEASE let your kids know these assignments are not permanent and we fully expect kids to move up from one level to the next as their abilities improve. Colored ribbons will be handed out during launching to identify the groups for kids and coaches.

Finally great job with helping out around the docks. Please make sure 420’s are rigged and ready by 3:30, and Opti’s are rigged and ready (not in the water) by 4:00. Getting marks in and out of coach boats is something we could always use more help with as well.


We are off to a great start…. 10 more practices before next summer are still ahead!!!!!