DON’T MISS THIS THURSDAY – MAY 8TH 6:30 PM @ Ram Island Yacht Club



Dave Perry will be presenting: The Racing Rules & Killer Tactics!
Dave Perry is America’s foremost racing rules teacher, and he will show the kids, in a fun and highly interactive way, the killer tactics they can use when they know the rules well. Dave will spend a lot of time on starting line situations and crowded mark rounding’s, and will also leave time for questions on any rules situations the kids want to ask about.

Please have the kids bring a rule book, notebook, and pen… but do not let that stop you from comming!

Dave will host his own book signing session after his presentation at 8:30 PM

Parents – We will have an informational seminar on the spring and
summer season downstairs right at 6:30. Boat and Gear vendors will be on site. Perfect time to check off a few things on the spring boat list!